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The sport leadership continues to attempt to sweep its biggest issues under the table (performance enhancing and match-fixing), and insist on telling everyone how great the health of the sport is.

The video is a six-minute clip of Suleman's children speaking at a women's conference in Long Beach, California on October 14.

Welcome to our reviews of the Octomom Costume (also known as qq international 2014).

Suleman also used the post to tout her new You Tube channel, which is named Soloman Family for reasons that are unclear.

Suleman previously changed her first name from Nadya to Natalie.'Before I let my children take over the channel with fun actives, such as vegan food challenges, vlogs, grocery shopping, ect.

I was hoping to see Delpo in the ATP Finals but I guess the only way he's get there is if both Rafa and Fed don't show up.

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