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But along with that number is this: Almost 55% of that group believe they've seen fake personal profiles and more than a quarter of them have had online interactions that creeped them out.

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That's the whole point of an online-problem known as an online romance scam—to gain someone's affection for the sole purpose of taking their money. And that's what people are doing in record numbers.

Statistics show that 59% of Internet users feel that online dating is a good way to meet people..that's up from 44% in 2005.

(clearly appreciated his turn of phrase, however, tweeting, “Folks, we introduce you to ... #The Power Of Words.”) Aponte proceeded to eliminate: men in relationships, men who are uncomfortable being filmed, men who are bald, men with long beards, men with beer-bellies, men under 5’10”, men who are tourists or don’t live in the U.

S., men who wear khakis, men who wear sandals with “thongs,” and men whose last girlfriend initiated the breakup (because, she said, “I completely trust her judgment.”) She also announced, “If you think you can support Trump and date a Peurto Rican, now’s the time to leave.” And she eliminated anyone named “Jimmy.” Eventually she even had the men doing pushups, and “swiped left” to indicate eliminating them from the competition. The stunt, it appears, was produced by a viral marketing agency that, according to news reports, plans to release a video of the event on Thursday, August 23 uncovered an Instagram story she posted comprised of a photo of herself (in the same outfit she wore during the dating scam) under the words, “Nothing can stop me but God not your toxic hurt masculinity watch me win.” Maybe nothing can stop her, but the prank left at least one man warning, “Vanity will be the demise of human civilization.

Don’t get got.” It was all the horror of The Bachelorette without the suspense—or the budget.

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