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It’s gratifying, and pretty amazing, how comics, a long-despised, or at least denigrated and considered-disposable mass medium, has, over the course of my lifetime, risen in esteem.Some have been awarded Pulitzer Prizes and many have been displayed in great museums and art galleries; new graphic novels and memoirs are widely distributed and respectfully reviewed, and nearly all of the classic newspaper strips have been collected into handsome archival editions; comic books–both contemporary and old-school–have been, and are being, adapted for Broadway shows and musicals, for both network and cable television, and for huge-budgeted blockbuster movies as well as small independent films.

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And, too, comics is now a bona-fide field of academic scholarship with an increasing number of universities offering degrees in comics making and comics studies.

In just the past few years, here in Richmond where I live, Robert Crumb, Kim Deitch, Gabrielle Bell, Anders Nilsen, Lynda Barry, Stephen R.

Besides finishing up King Touey, I’ll be resuming work now on the series of essays (at BOOKS) that I’ve been writing about each of my published books; there are just 5 more to go, and the next one up will be about It’s Superman! Tom De Haven November 15, 2016 ), the end, at long last, is in sight: the next episode is the last one, and I’ll be working on it throughout the rest of this summer and hope to present it here at Cafe Pinfold by the end of August.

I began the novel in the spring of 2013, and posted the first and second episodes three years ago this month.

I still write fiction every day, I just don’t get as much done in a session as I used to, nor am I as forgiving of the stuff I do write.

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