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by  |  11-Jun-2019 00:32

Very solid users base, male to female ratio very good aprox.2.5 : 1, highly recommanded., thanks to 21st-century technology.

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The explanation is very simple: they have so much offered so they can be picky.

On the other side, less attractive chick or women, fatties, girls who are not in so good shape are opposite "case", with them, things going much smoother and faster, again same explanation: they don't have so much offers so they are much more flexible. This is mentioned few times, but here is again: don't rush, women simply don't like guys who desperately seeking sex.

Patience is a key, according to our experiences, in few hours will do the job, she will have some picture of you.

When she thinks that she knows enough about you, she will accept your invitation for a coffee, drink or something third. Play a game, and act like you are not too much interested in sex.

Pretend that you are interested in her, her interests, her hobbies, career, whatever, don't mention sex until she came with that topic.

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