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Orthodox Judaism emphasizes living according to the Law of Moses (the Torah), as it has been interpreted by the authoritative rabbinic tradition.

According to Orthodox Judaism, in addition to the written Law, Moses also received the correct interpretation of the Law, which has been handed down by oral tradition through the rabbis until it was finally written down in the Mishnah, dating from the 2nd century AD.

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Adherents to this form of Judaism in the United States will often live in enclaves in larger cities.

A subset of Haredi Judaism is Hasidic Judaism, which is then divided into various sects.

And while the Torah (Part I of the Bible for all you goyem) does make certain prescriptions for how and when you get to know each other biblically, certain cultural customs vary between -- and often within -- sects.

No matter where they may (or may not) stand on Christ, fans of the the Old Testament and New join ranks with just about every religious sect by disapproving of premarital sex.

Since that time, the Mishnah has been further developed and interpreted.

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