Orthotic accommodating shoes

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In addition, prescription foot orthoses help prevent future problems from occurring in the foot and lower extremity by reducing abnormal or pathological forces acting on the foot and lower extremity.

Accommodative orthoses are fabricated from a three dimensional model of the foot which may be made by taking a plaster mold of the foot, stepping into a box of compressible foam, or scanning the foot with a mechanical or optical scanner.

Accommodative orthoses are useful in the treatment of painful callouses on the bottom of the foot, diabetic foot ulcerations, sore bones on the bottom of the foot and other types of foot pathology.

Functional foot orthoses may be made of flexible, semi-rigid or rigid plastic or graphite materials.

They are relatively thin and easily fit into most types of shoes.

Accommodative Foot Orthoses Accommodative foot orthoses are used to cushion, pad or relieve pressure from a painful or injured area on the bottom of the foot.

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