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A score under 75 suggests the need for people to work on being more flexible and compassionate towards others. Thinking About Emotions Game — This worksheet is designed to help people think and talk about their feelings.

Players pitch a penny on the worksheet and then talk about the feeling where the penny lands.

— This worksheet asks clients to consider anything that might have helped them in finding solutions to their problems, whether it was something they learned in therapy or something they learned on their own, such as self-help books, advice from a friend, sudden insights, and so on. — This worksheet is designed to help people develop a more positive attitude towards themselves and others by having them focus on three things that went right each day and what they did to make these things a positive experience.

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It is designed to help people see that flexible and compassionate thinking can improve their relationships as well as their own self-image.

The assessment asks them to rate 20 questions on a 5-point scale.

(social anxiety, shyness, criticism, 1218) Reducing Over-Stimulation to Focus on Yourself — This worksheet is designed to help people reduce stress in their lives by paying attention to how much time they spend emailing, using social media, and participating in listening and watching various media.

(101518, mindfulness, anxiety) How Do Your Relationship Conflicts Affect Your Self-Image?

The worksheet is intended to help people step back from just judging themselves negatively and to see how their problem behaviors play a functional role in their daily lives.

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