Parenting tips on dating

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We're often so distracted and overwhelmed that it can be a challenge to switch gears when faced with actual one-on-one adult time.

Before a date, take a moment to close your eyes and take deep breaths.

It has nothing to do with him, but rather what he represents: Less time with you, a potential replacement for their other parent, the reality of one's parents never reconciling.

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For some, those feelings start in late elementary school. So when a child 9- or 10-years-old begins to show romantic interest in another, parents need to be proactive in communicating and establishing guidelines.

Attractions are normal and will only increase as children grow. Ask your teen how he or she defines “dating,” “going out,” or “having a boyfriend or girlfriend.” Then share your views. If the relationship has gelled, continue dialoguing, so you know how it is progressing.

After my first marriage ended, I was frankly terrified at the prospect of dating again.

I was a mom of two, in my 30s, and stuck in the suburbs.

Dating sites are heaven-sent for single parents, who can't get out to clubs, bars, etc.

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