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Thus, it will be possible not only to describe the sediment age, but also to give a picture of the dominant mixture of plankton alga at the same time.Sediment studies may also be supplemented with determinations of e.g. Method Decay of uranium in the earth's crust releases the gas radon.Absolute geochronology can be accomplished through radioactive isotopes, whereas relative geochronology is provided by tools such as palaeomagnetism and stable isotope ratios.

Service DHI offers dating of sediment cores by means of the 210Pb method and may assist with sampling in both marine and freshwater systems.

The sediment samples must remain totally undisturbed during sampling to obtain the best possible dating.

The bias in calculated ages increases with poorer limit of detection and the magnitude of the disparity increases with age.

The origin and magnitude of this effect are considered below, firstly for an idealised, theoretical Pb-210 profile and secondly for a freshwater lake sediment core.

We have supplied services to clients from North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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