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Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood’s most intriguing couples.

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As Ostroff put it, “It holds such a place in pop culture and in society where people just really say, ‘I remember everything around that show.

I remember where I was [when watching it] and what I was doing in my life.’”Viewers wanted to dress like the characters; they wanted their haircuts and jewelry and ringtones; they wanted to talk like them and listen to the music they listened to.

They got married in secret and keep their daughters, James and Inez, out of the public eye, being careful not to share their faces on social media although Reynolds does share some hilarious thoughts about being a dad on Twitter.

Years earlier, James and Inez made a rare public appearance at their dad’s induction ceremony for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Formed by the union of the WB and UPN, the new network—led by then President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff—was searching for an identity.

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