Pentecostal rules of dating

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And the women aren't allowed to participate in sports where they'd have to wear revealing attire. The women's only physical activity is cooking, which is less demanding than it used to be, unless they're growing the veggies and fruits themselves and doing it all, from cleaning and washing up through putting it into the serving dishes.

However, I don't think the percentage of Pentecostal women who are overweight is that much greater than for other women of comparable age and activity levels.

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The guys look the same as anyone else.) I don't know why they are required to wear the hair and the skirt, and I don't care, because that's not what I started this thread to find out.

I started this thread to find out why they all seem to weigh upwards of 300 pounds.

My best friend from high school is Pentecostal (well, was raised Pentecostal and sometimes attends church with her family, at any rate), and near as I can tell, Pentecostal women are fat and homely in about the same proportion the American female population is fat and homely.

My friend, her mother, and her sister weigh maybe 110 each, and that's if you hose all that hair down. (Courty is one of those women that if she weren't such a wonderful person, I'd hate her guts.

They wear skirts and dresses because of Biblical admonitions against women dressing like men, thus no pants.

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