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The Vineyard Cottage is an 18th-Century dwelling, pre-dating the Jeffersonian mansion a discreet stroll away, lovingly restored as a 21st Century guest cottage in the serene private section of the Estate, overlooking the vineyards and the Blue Ridge beyond.

Gosse said his company,, hosts one “Cougar Convention” a month in a different city around the globe.

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One particular category that never goes out of style is black heels.

Thanks to this column by Shelley Brown, fashion and beauty Editor at The Knot, we officially have the 411 on the best and worst shoes to wear on your wedding day.

While the gorgeous heels pictured above might look dreamy, Shelley explains why on the day of, shoes with that particular shape might actually be your worst nightmare.

While some might say you should consider function over fashion, others will tell you they should be as fabulous as the rest of your look.

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