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Once reached rank 1: Social link partner will take lethal attacks or Hama/Mudo skills for you.

Once reached rank 3: Social link partner will perform Follow-Up attacks when MC Knocks Down an enemy Once reached rank 5: Social link partner will help MC or other party member stand up when Knocked Down Once reached rank 7: Social link partner will cure MC's or other party member's status ailments Once reached rank 9: Social link partner will persist to fight even his/her HP has reached 0 (Same as Endure Skill) Once reached rank 10: Social link partner will gain upgraded Persona, with altered elemental resistances D) Social link with support team members: Ranking up social links with the battle team member unlocks further skills: Once reached rank 3: Rise learns Treasure Radar that reveals the location of all treasure chests Once reached rank 6: Rise learns Enemy Radar that shows the positions of all enemies in the mini map Once reached rank 10: Rise's persona evolves, and learns Weakness Scan.

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Things that you may put more trust in it include: - The social link schedule - The suggested best answer Things that you may anticipate to be a bit off track: - Status increase, you may see some on and off of status increase.

In that case, you'd have to adjust accordingly.

C) Empress: It ranks up as you have fused a required persona.

For all the others, you'll need to meet with them.

- (Ver 1.4) I have been getting many e-mails saying thanks and giving suggestions. And I hope this guide helped enhancing your P4 experience.

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