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What happens if an agency fails to respond to my appeal?

The agency is required to respond to the appeal within ten business days of the receipt of the appeal by granting access to the records or fully explaining the reasons for further denial in writing. If a determination on the appeal is not rendered within ten business days, the failure to do so constitutes a denial of the appeal. If you request paper copies, an agency may charge up to twenty-five cents per photocopy up to 9”x14”.

Must an agency scan records in response to a request? Do I contact the Committee on Open Government to get public records? What happens if an agency fails to respond within five business days of receipt of my request? Do I have to give a reason why I want public records?

Do I get to choose in which electronic format the records are sent? How long must I wait to get access to records if I sent my request via email?

Each of those governmental entities is an "agency." The courts are outside its coverage but often must disclose records under other provisions of law.

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