Policies mandating

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Results The problems, politics, and policies streams of Kingdon’s framework have converged and diverged repeatedly over an extended period (policy windows have opened and closed several times).

The impact of annual influenza epidemics on some of the most susceptible populations, such those living with chronic conditions, is even more striking. Re: healthcare worker influenza vaccination policy - vaccine required date and vaccine required period . https://bloomberg.nursing.utoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ Flu-Vaccine-Memo-and-Form-for-Students1

Global metaanalyses of risk factors for severe disease from pandemic influenza found that 31 % of patients hospitalized had at least one other chronic medical condition, as did 52 % of those admitted to intensive care units and 62 % of fatal cases [3].

However, despite the evidence supporting the value of HCW immunization, alignment of the three agenda setting streams occurred for very short periods of time, during which, opposition lobby groups reacted, making the proposed solution less politically acceptable.

Conclusions Prior to the adoption of any new policies, issues must reach a government’s decision agenda.

In addition, rates of influenza infections were found to be lower in vaccinated HCWs versus unvaccinated HCWs [6] and other healthy adults [7]. com/life/health-and-fitness/health/flu-shot-should-bemandatory-journal-says /article4737195/.

Policies mandating

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