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He was just 26 when he died and it left such a hole in their lives that her mom wouldn't allow Gram's music in their house.

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After high school, he enrolled at Harvard to study theology but stayed there only one semester.

He also formed the International Submarine Band, releasing a record called "Safe At Home" in 1968.

"He's one of the rare artists you can hear his spirit and his sadness in his music.

It's so incredibly timeless it never ceases to move his fans in the same exact way as it did the second they heard him."The Early Life Of Gram Parsons Gram Parsons was born in 1946.

To this day, Polly says she still gets letters from fans of her father, sometimes from teenagers, who say they grew up with his music, it was what their parents played while they danced in the living room."The other thing that is repetitious in nature with the letters that I receive, is Gram brought me through some of the darkest times in my life, and for that I am forever grateful," she said.

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