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Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman, with the majority of women experiencing rape or assault in their lifetime and women facing systemic discrimination.

While such acts have long been criminalized and domestic violence was specifically proscribed under the 2013 Family Protection Act (FPA), few perpetrators are brought to justice.

Australia resisted the decision but in August, both governments announced they would close the center.

In June, police opened fire on protesting university students in Port Moresby as they attempted to march on the national parliament.

Police confirmed that at least 23 students were injured.

Following a number of high profile arrests in April by the Anti-Corruption Directorate—including a Supreme Court judge, the attorney-general, and the prime minister's lawyer—Police Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Damaru and ordered the closure of the directorate.

The police commissioner said it was closed for “administrative reasons” and “a lack of accountability.” In May, the unit was reopened after the PNG Supreme Court urged Baki to do so.

Three years since the FPA was passed, it has not been implemented.

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