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I accidentally found out her name previous to her transition, about a year into our relationship.

I knew it had been her name but the words on the sheet didn't stand out -- I didn't identify with the name at all. She transitioned long enough ago that I would probably rationalise it in my mind as 'this is a different person' if I were to see pictures. Not sure, I'd need to go back to previous girlfriends and ask for a do-over.

Wir bieten einen sicheren Platz für TS-Frauen, um Männer zu treffen, die ihnen mit Respekt begegnen.

Wir werden beleidigendes Verhalten NICHT tolerieren und wollen dir eine Plattform bieten, mit der du jemand Besonderen finden kannst.

I have to go, but thanks to everyone for your comments, questions or support.

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