Professional black men dating

by  |  09-Apr-2019 14:56

While I’m as sexual a being as any man, women aren’t disposable to me.

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Complaints about men taking advantage of their financial status pervade most conversations I hear over why many women prefer to only date men who are their economic equals.

For the record, I’d have no issue dating women who earn more than I do, and I’m not exclusively pursuing women with deep pockets, so don’t tweet me your foolishness.

Don’t talk about the other homes or properties or possessions until things begin to go well, and avoid talking money. Have no intention of retiring off to shuffleboard city.

Seems that even at my age, many black women are looking for Mr.

She bailed apparently insulted that I knew her program. I consider myself a very late bloomer who has just recently realized I can make a living keystroking breaking-news stories and Brooklyn Renaissance-ing my way into a literary career.

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