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by  |  16-Jun-2019 23:44

One common mistake that people make with online dating is trying to only date someone who is exactly like them, or who is exactly like their “ideal” man.

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Don’t choose a photo that’s a couple years old just because you like how you look in it, go with something recent. If you post a photo of a group of girls, potential suitors won’t know which one is you and that might discourage them from clicking on your profile altogether. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when it comes to dating (online or otherwise), so it’s not uncommon that people will stretch the truth in their online dating profiles… We want to attract a great guy, so we fill out our profiles to fit the women that we ASPIRE to be, not necessarily the women that we are.

In addition, if you post a photo with a guy (even if it’s a friend or your brother) that might be confusing or off-putting to potentials. In fact, both men and women make this mistake in all types of dating.

Do they have all the same interests, opinions, and extracurricular activities? In online dating, it’s difficult to assess whether or not there is a connection without meeting in real life, so people often try to find that connection through having things in common.

That’s okay, but it’s important to remember that your dream man could be quite different from you.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to find a good date online.

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