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You should only have to use it for a week or two before it's gone. more recently when i meet people that are potential partners, i tell them right off the bat that i have psoriasis.

mostly because i do have it on my breasts and nipples, and as much as i hate it.. sometimes its a matter of educating people, and sometimes they already know about it and know its not contagious.. id rather tell someone before hand rather than them feeling uncomfortable because they saw a strange mark..

I have suffered with a mild case of psoriasis for as long as I could remember. I would be very thankful that you only have a mild case of it.... But he told me it didn't matter, I'm covered from about head to toe....

I am more protective of my psoriasis initially, but then again, my psoriasis is not visible right away.

If you have psoriasis on your hands or your face, you may have that conversation sooner. Green, to be completely honest and up front, or do you think it’s okay to hold back some of the information, like the severity of the condition? Green: It depends on the situation and the person you’re dating, and how well you want to know that person, and how strong your feelings are for that person.

I have never told anyone I have it down there and i am terrified of doing so. Ask to be evaluated to add a biologic for your treatment of P. If the biologic works for you like it has for me, dating won't be an issue any longer. You just rub a little bit on the affected area and, for me, the scales instantly, I mean instantly, disappeared.

It is fair to think a girl would not want to be sexual with me because my penis looks red and rash like. I found a Doc 10 years ago who was cutting edge at the time. There won't be any thing visible because it will be suppressed but still in your system. I would call the company called Ra in California and ask them which doc has it in your area. It just leaves the area a little red or pink for while and the results last for 2 or 3 days. The stuff looks like lard but when you scoop a little out with your finger the heat almost instantly starts turning it to a liquid. I don't think that was intended nor will it do you any good. I know how you feel and hope it works for you, and everyone, as well as it does for me.

For those who suffer with it on the genitals, how do you manage your sex life? No cures yet, but this is the closest I've come to it. I am 40 and recently divorced and am also self conscious. I am trying the Ex Pharos 380 photo laser therapy, 5 txs so far with some improvement. Scwartzlenny, Get some Protopic 0.1% ointment from your doctor.

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