Puma knife dating chart internet dating mc lars

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Click here to see the German made knives distributed by the Puma Knife Company USA.Shop PUMA If you prefer German Steel over Chinese steel this is the brand you are looking for.FWIW; Goins Encyclopedia Of Cutlery Markings, 1998 edition, lists the following tang stamps in several variations: S.

I would like to get one,but would rather have one made in the USA,althought I have seen a china made and it looked decent,does anyone have a list as to when and what models are still being produced in the USA??

i have a buck 110 only markings are BUCK USA and these are upside down. Never been sharpened but has been used with original sheath.

Of course refurbishing of the knife (cleaning, resharpening) is always possible. Please be sure to pack your Puma knife well and send to: Puma Gmb H IP Solingen An den Eichen 20-2242699 Solingen Germany Enclose a letter with your address and a description of your complaint or your wish.

If the repairs are being made under the guarantee, you will receive the knife back automatically after the repair.

The stated value determines the hardness of the steel.

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