Quantum dating Free adult chat ky

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Using these results, Archer was able to prove that the component was from 420 years in the future.

(") In 2154, Degra quantum dated a Xindi initiation medal supplied to him by Captain Archer, who himself had received it from temporal agent Daniels, and determined that the medal itself was also from the future.

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Quantum dating was an extremely precise method of measuring a particle's date of origin.

Unlike carbon dating, which measures a substance's subjective age, quantum dating was able to identify an accurate date of origin even if the substance had traveled through time.

QD is the leading commercial source for automated materials characterization systems incorporating superconducting technology.

These systems offer a variety of measurement capabilities and are in widespread use in the fields of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, materials science and nanotechnology.

Grover quantum search algorithm is used as a playing strategy.

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