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It considers children to be unqualified blessings, gifts which should be received happily from God. If children are a gift from God, let’s for the sake of argument ask ourselves what other gift or blessing from God we would reject. Owen (1990) additionally argues that birth control may be permissable for married couples called to a "higher moral purpose" than having children, such as caring long-term for many orphans or serving as career missionaries in a dangerous location.

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Pride argued that such a lifestyle was Biblically required of all married Christian women but that most Christian women had been duped by feminism, including in their acceptance of birth control.

As the basis for her arguments, Pride selected numerous Bible verses to lay out what she felt was the Biblical role of women.

The movement was sparked after the 1985 publication of Mary Pride’s book The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality.

In her book, Pride chronicled her journey away from feminist and anti-natalist ideas of happiness, within which she had lived as an activist before her Christian conversion in 1977, toward her discovery of happiness surrounding what she felt was the Biblically mandated role of wives and mothers as bearers of children and workers in the home under the authority of their husband.

A healthy young Quiverfull couple might thereby have a baby every two years, meaning that as many as 10 children or more might be born during a couple's fertile years.

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