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HJ themselves make no mention that the other samples were taken with a care to avoid repairs.

The primary potential source of bias in the opposite direction, according to HJ, is unburnt limestone particles that may remain in the quicklime after roasting.

Depending on how easy it is for the gas to find such pores and work its way through them, this could take a considerable time. 38, they claim that the effect should be limited to a few years, yet on p.

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She points out that the trench discovered during the 1948-9 survey makes sense as part of a colonial repair of a pre-existing tower for use as a windmill, after an earlier mill blew down in 1675.

Furthermore, this trench does not work as part of the original construction, because it lacks any evidence of the presence of the staging that would have been necessary to have supported the arches.

The surface of the mortar sets up quickly - in as little as a few hours.

The interior portions of the mortar will ordinarily set up eventually, but this requires carbon dioxide to diffuse through pores in the mortar, either in gaseous form, or in solution in the water that has been added to the slake lime.

As originally devised circa 1950, radiocarbon dating was based on the assumption that the proportion of C-14 in the atmosphere has been constant over time, so that the amount of C-14 left in a sample would fall exponentially with its age.

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