Ricky gervais dating jane fallon

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He said: “I just wanted to revisit him, like catching up with an old friend. “It’s a bit on the edge of sad versus comedy already and revisiting him at 60, still trying to be a rock star, there might not be any comedy left.

It might be too tragic.” I’d tune in to see it — as would millions more.

But after everything that has happened, she refuses to reveal who the dad is.

Ricky Gervais' longtime partner reveals that they have no desire to be parents Jane Fallon is a former TV producer, a best-selling author and the longtime partner of Ricky Gervais. And for some reason, Jane says, people aren’t very accepting of that fact.

The comic, who has been with partner Jane Fallon for 35 years, has revealed he is finally set to return to the small screen with comedy Attached.

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