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'Honestly,’ begins Pattinson when we meet up in a hotel in London, 'shooting Remember Me was really difficult.

Then one punched the second assistant-director in the face. This is the fifth time I’ve met Pattinson, and each time he’s been bashful, humble and fun to be around – almost too fun.

So at pains is he to be personable and rip-roaring company – the polar opposite of Twilight’s dour, broody 100-year-old vampire, Edward Cullen – that his efforts often horrify those around him.

Middle-aged, middle-class fans have even formed their own splinter group of 'Twilight Moms’, who claim the books and films have helped improve their sex lives and whose motivation is summed up by member Nora Kindley, speaking in New York magazine: 'When I look at Robert, I feel like I am 8, 14 and 31, my actual age, all at the same time.’ Stephenie Meyer – herself a middle-class, middle-aged mother – imagined Edward Cullen as 'the most beautiful creature who has ever been born’, an impeccably mannered, almost impossible-to-realise cross between Adonis and a Jane Austen heart-throb.

Prior to auditioning for the role, it’s safe to say that Pattinson did not fit this description.

His most high-profile part had been the doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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