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In addition, she continues to co-facilitate a gardening class in the school’s after school program, which has planted and tended to two local community gardens, and was instrumental in planning an upcoming visit from Truck Farm, a Wicked Delicate Film and Food Project. Weseen, Gardening students, and volunteers including parents and members of Slow Food NYC began building out the raised beds on Saturday, June 5th.

A knack for color and composition is evident in his abstract pieces, while a look of concentration can be clearly seen in the artist’s furrowed brow.

With a bonafide talent in their midst, the zoo decided to help Jimmy hone his craft; an art instructor now visits the chimp three times a week.

Animal advocacy organizations, like the Primate Support Group, argue that chimpanzees are deserving of the same rights as humans, making Jimmy’s confinement unlawful.

The group points out that humans and chimpanzees share 99 percent of their DNA, yet are typically regarded as wholly un-human and therefore do not have access to basic liberties.

It was very nice not to be responsible for anything!

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