secret dating uk - Roger bobb dating kenya moore

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BACK TO THE FUTURE I’m excited to get back to what I do best, which is acting and producing.

Prior to RHOA I was a working actor for well over twenty years.

And Moore Hair Care samples are in the mail to help Ne Ne grow out her own natural hair. I am also still hopeful that Ne Ne makes the ,000 donation to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation as she promised.

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And I’d like to extend an early Christmas gift to her as well.

I have arranged to have one of my hair and makeup people do a makeover on her gratis.

A business meeting becomes suspicious, a compliment becomes flirtation, and a handshake becomes a threatening, aggressive takeover.

I’ve known Roger Bobb in a professional capacity for well over five years having worked with him as an actor in various productions.

I hope for peace for Kandi and that she can focus on extending her family with a new little one soon. I thought it was a very touching scene to see Kandi be so kind to her cousin and offer advice to Phaedra on how to deal with her children and incarceration. My heart goes out to all children being separated from their parents.

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