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I manage in men's retail fashion, so I help other men to look their best. I don't have the updated version, so if you want to meet me send it in a form of a message only, No pic, don't expect a response. We all age so embrace your beauty and except who you are today and what God blessed you with.

I love the Lord and I serve on the audio ministry in my church. I love sports, a Cleveland Browns and Cavs fan, would enjoy the game with a mate or friend.

Today’s question is: This is a tough question, partly because a lot of the romances I read don’t have a “first date” scene to speak of.

Instead, it’s two characters getting to know each other through friendship or events, not through dating (which is more like what I see in real life).

The symbol seems a strange one, considering the Christian reluctance to embrace romantic love. God desires Israel for his bride: "For, as a young man weds a maiden, so you shall wed him who rebuilds you" (Isa. He fondly recalls the days of harmony, "the love of your bridal days, when you followed me in the wilderness" (Jer. Yet Israel is unfaithful—God is the unrequited lover. God is a passionate lover, and passion can fuel anger.

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