Rules on dating coworkers who is pia getty dating

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They both shared dating at work experiences with me. I always made it a policy not to date the salesmen I worked with directly. He turned out to be a great guy and we had so much in common.Jennifer actually met her boyfriend of five years at work and that surprised Katie because she ended up having to quit a job after dating someone in her office. We had to attend the same work functions and travel as a team.But you have to be extra smart about your choices, and take special precautions if you’re going to venture into an office romance.

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Both disabled dating and working are natural parts of life, and it’s natural to become attracted to people you work with. But be impeccable with your behavior and your work.

You’re going to be under more scrutiny in this relationship than you would be if you were disabled dating someone you didn’t work with.

You'll want to to what you can to keep work and your personal life separate.

Since you're in the same office, you know all the same people and may even be working on similar projects - so it's easy to go home and talk about those people or those projects.

If nobody seems to notice, there's no reason to share. "What will be your plan 'B' if the heat is on from a supervisor, from gossip, or if things go awry? "No one wants to hear about how deeply you're in love with each other or where you went last weekend or the fight you had in the car this morning," she explains. Again - nobody wants or needs to know about what's happening with your love life. What happens at home or in your personal life (no matter who you're dating) almost always affects your attitude, which affects your work - it's just a fact of life. The same way you shouldn't let disagreements with your partner affect the decisions you make or how your treat others at work - you can't let your adoration for them drive your decisions, either.

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