Chat roulette sex chatlogs - Sam milby and piolo pascual dating

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Realizing that she was in the wrong place, she started looking for another entrance or exit, walking and looking left and right.Two men caught Manay Lolit's attention as she sauntered over.

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She wouldn't even put malice into what she saw if Sam and Piolo didn't mind being found out or if they had just said "hello," even if they didn't know her well.

All that she could do on her way home was ponder on what she had witnessed.

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"Kasi naman, sa dami ng lugar na pupuntahan, doon pa ako naligaw sa poolside ng Sofitel. " said Lolit Solis on accidentally seeing Sam Milby (left) and Piolo Pascual (right) together in a poolside coffeeshop at Sofitel.

After being estranged for a long time, Kapamilya actor Piolo Pascual and entertainment columnist and talent handler Lolit Solis saw each other once again.

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