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Personally, I was never able to get it to work, and it actually got me in serious troubles before. I know a few people who use Apt Backup and never had any problem with it.If you feel like messing around your i Phone folders and don’t mind taking risks, there is a way to manually backup your jailbreak apps.

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Save jailbreak apps before updating

Step 7: After you’ve entered the name, the tweak will start to take a backup of all the jailbreak related contents on your device.

It should be done within a few minutes depending on the amount of Cydia packages you’ve installed on your device.

Taking a backup of the jailbreak apps and tweaks can be useful when you’re updating to a newer firmware as all the jailbreak related contents including the jailbreak will be wiped off your device, and save you the trouble of installing the tweaks one by one.

PKGBackup is a solid tweak by Jibril Gueye that allows you to a backup all the Cydia tweaks and sources on your i OS device and save it in your local storage or on the cloud such as Dropbox, Box, Sky Drive etc.

If you restore your tweaks without going through Cydia, and an update breaks a single tweak, you won’t have a fun time attempting to find the incompatible package that crashes your phone at startup.

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