Scent fetish women dating sites

by  |  22-Apr-2019 18:30

With its natural scent, it is meant: sweaty, tired, something dirty and smelly …

For many fetishists, there is nothing better than feeling stunned by the scent of a beautiful female feet after a long day in her job, an intense workout or just after days of wearing the same socks, stockings and/or shoes, especially on hot summer days.

I also wanted to take profit of the occasion of its inauguration to send an email to Feet Master, the creator of Smelly Natural Feet – SNF with some short questions of general interest and he kindly replied to us. Here is the interview: Well, from very kid I felt an irresistible attraction to women, and especially to her feet, albeit very selectively, as only a few feet of a few women can awake my erotic appetite.

On the Internet there are many pages of foot fetish.

Some more professional, others more amateur type but in general fetishists we could not fault the variety and amount of material there is about it in the net.

While getting eaten out is hailed as the pinnacle of female pleasure, if you’re a woman who’s insecure about smells, it can be hard to enjoy and relax without bathing first.

While there’s nothing wrong with hot showers and good hygiene, the vagina, a self-cleansing organ, really doesn’t need to be filled with suds to function healthily.

You may think that I have paid to speak so highly of a particular page, and it’s something I do not usually do, but I have to say that the only purpose of this article is to inform my audition about this magnificent web; there is no economic interest behind.

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