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The earliest reference I could find was an 1764 ad which offered among other things, "bibles, Spelling books, primmers gloucester cheese and bottled beer." The forms varied little from the 1850-1880s. American manufactured stoneware beer bottles are commonly found in the Eastern States.Pottery bottles are often two tone glazed but also can be found with a solid cream color glaze. Black glass ale bottles from the 1840-1880s are largely unembossed. These bottles which also contained various soft drinks, were heavy pottery bottles with a characteristic stocky shape unlike any of the foreign import pottery bottles.This phenomenon was repeated in cities across the country.

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The struggle for national dominance had begun and in the lead was St. The New York Times, September 7, 1878 noted, the St.

Louis form was the first in America to come out with lager beer in bottles, and that their bottling business exceeded 200,000 per diem.

In the early 1890s, Congress passed taxes on bottled beer, along with legislation allowing companies to bottle their brews onsite and bypass an archaic process of...

Today we think of beer naturally being put up in bottles, but that was not always the case in this country. Beer, because of the nature of its ingredients was prone to spoil if not probably bottled and or sealed carefully and under controlled conditions.

Early examples of pontiled and smooth base Porter or Stout bottles are scarce.

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