Scientific dating sites

by  |  15-Oct-2019 14:03

Experts agree that mobile will define the future of the dating industry, but what effects that will have on information is unclear.

"There are a lot of ways in which the sharing of information online may grow or shrink," Carter says, "that could fundamentally change the way people use the Internet to find a mate." You can bet that the learning algorithms will change with them.

The seriation method works because object styles change over time; they always have and always will.

For example, consider the different music recording methods that were used in the 20th century.

Like many online dating services, Ok Cupid amasses large amounts of data on its users, which Maxim says it uses to improve its products and monitor if the site or algorithm needs fixing.

Ok Cupid president and co-founder, Christian Rudder, publishes some of this data and insight on the site's blog, Ok Trends, admitting unabashedly that they experiment on users.

Preventing these types of misuse and play is a big job for online dating companies.

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