Scorpio and sagittarius dating compatibility

by  |  03-Aug-2019 12:50

Scorpio tends to be much more suspicious and careful, much slower to trust, and doesn’t easily reveal its private feelings.

While Sagittarius wants to be emotionally free and uncommitted, Scorpio gets strongly attached to, and can be very possessive, of loved ones.

But in the worst case scenario the Fire sign’s tendency to gloss over – or even make fun of – serious emotional issues its partner takes very seriously could give Scorpio the impression Sagittarius is totally lacking in empathy and create a rift that is hard to bridge.

SAGITTARIUS-SCORPIO SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Sagittarius and Scorpio may be somewhat mis-matched initially.

Scorpio and Sagittarius are both renowned for speaking the plain, unadorned and often excruciatingly painful truth, regardless of the circumstances.

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