Sex chat in craigslist

by  |  12-Oct-2019 15:25

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In response, she decided to send some distasteful nudes.

High on success, I sent back some snaps of my ridiculous chest hair covering my untoned pale flesh.

Craigslist is often innocently assumed to be a place to trade second hand items and job applications, but like most communities, there is a dark and smutty sub culture of casual sex.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s filled with the kind of munters you’d only find if you ventured into the deepest recesses of ARU, but that’s the point, these people use Craigslist for a reason. Were I straight, I don’t know how many times I would have started talking to a hot, photoshopped, babe only to realise I’d been wasting my top chat-up lines on a robot.

It turns out that to get sex with a man on Craigslist you don’t even have to be a particularly desperate gay. The next morning, feeling like I’d eaten a bad curry, I continued on my journey to find a woman.

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