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'It is expected that sales of laptops in Thailand will actually decline this year by 10%.' Warinrat is a Thai woman living in Loei province in Thailand's remote North East.

Warinrat hopes someday to meet a foreigner for marriage or a long term relationship.

'I have a coffee shop, it is my own business and during the day I like to chat with my friends from around the world,' she says.

Research conducted by the Thai dating site finds that 63% of all first one to one contacts on the dating website are through online chat while e-mail comes second with 29%.

'In the last ten years or so there has been a boom in internet cafes in Thailand but now it is changing really, every Thai woman can now own a tablet PC,' says Carla Boonkong a journalist in Bangkok who sometimes uses Thai dating and social network sites but writes about Thai women and their ongoing quest to find romance online and in foreign destinations for foreign publications.

Warinrat tells us that she has daily chat sessions with foreigners all over the world.

Sex chat lines from thailand

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