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If you need assistance filling out the forms, the clerk may be able to give basic instructions, but the clerk usually cannot help you decide what information to write or give you any sort of advice.You will also find links to online forms at our MA Download Court Forms page. Second-class postage paid at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although a strong advocate of peace, he was quick to avenge a 1 Dr. His contribution here, after research and study establishes the fact of the unusual gravestone with its inscription in Cherokee at Briartown, Muskogee County, as that of the noted Chero- kee naturalist, Spring Frog, who lived in this part of the old Cherokee Nation until his death in 1859. Spring Frog 3 Facsimile of Inscription on Spring Frog Gravestone Spring Frog's Grave Gravestone in Briartown Cemetery, Muskogee County 4 The Chronicles of Oklahoma wrong. Stewart Discontinued effective 15 August 1919, mail to Elmore City.

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Sex dating in agawam oklahoma

MILT PHILLIPS, 1st Vice President FISHER MULDROW, 2nd Vice President MRS. Thobum, "Oklahoma Archaeological Explorations in 1925-26, "Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. As the work in Kay County is being done co-operatively the specimens secured by the Marland Achologi- cal expedition are to be divided, part of them placed in the museum of the Oklahoma Historical Society and part of them in the newly projected historical museum which Mr. Otto Spring's Report on the summer's archaeological work on the chert quarries in Kay County, prepared for publication in The Chronicles was not published because stress was laid on the use of articles and notes relating to history with the recent change in the position of secretary and editor. Prehistoric Chert Quarries in Kay County: A Report 1 8 The Chronicles of Oklahoma has been done elsewhere in Kay County will be described in subsequent issues of this publication [The Chronicles of Okla- homa].— 3 B. Chert Quarries in Kay County, Oklahoma In the vicinity of Hardy a formation of resistant light col- ored limestone caps the higher hills, and its hardness causes it to stand out, the hill sloping steeply away from it below and the hilltop being nearly level and smooth.

4 Flower and Feather, July, 1948; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30, Part 2, p. 5 Flower and Feather, July, 1948; Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 30, Part 2, p. Spring Foreword The original manuscript of this report on "Chert Quarries in Kay County," by Otto F. Thobum Collection of manuscripts in the Editorial Department of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Spring of the University of Oklahoma and Harry ("Doc") Robertson of Phillips University.' Excavation was carried on at the ancient Caddoan village sites in the vicinity of Deer Creek, on the west side of the Arkansas River in Kay County. The primitive stone weapons and tools of pre- historic man are more or less of common occurrence in all parts of Oklahoma, though few people ever pause to consider where the stone age man secured material which he fashioned into the various designs and shapes to suit his several purposes.

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Bo YDSTUN, Fort Gibson TERM EXPIRING IN JANUARY, 1969 Joe W. Tennesseans as mem- bers of the Chattanooga Audubon Society, a nvunber of years ago, sought to remove this gravestone from Oklahoma to be a part of the memorial to Spring Frog in the Elise Chapin Wild Life Sanctuary near the City of Chattanooga. 2 Flower and Feather (Chattanooga, Tenn.) , IV, No. He was with the Cherokees that came to western Arkansas in 18, and later lived with the group in the Indian Territory commonly known as the Old Set- tlers.

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