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If you decide to open up to your partner at some point about your same-sex relationship(s), you should consider being honest with her. Being open and willing to be in a relationship with whomever you want is good for you, even when you identify as heterosexual.

Perhaps being in a relationship with someone who has the same power as him can give him the chance to be submissive, and be controlled. They have no attraction to men, other than the sexual thing.

So, having sex with a man can be just that - a hook-up, or it can be dealing with something undiscovered, or it can be about feeling dominated and wanting someone to take control.

A good marriage may not stop some people from seeking what they want from another body.

It is not about the partner, it is about the person who is cheating. Now, there is a desire to do what makes us feel good and what makes us happy - an "increased sense of individualism", Married men who have a discreet encounter with another man are usually very happy with their lives.

It is, between men, just sex and they don't need to always desire female bodies to describe themselves as straight.

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