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Even where unwanted sexual misconduct occurs, it is typically a telltale sign of biased attitudes or broader patterns of inequality such as gender stereotyping and sex segregation, as explained below.Principle #2: Harassment includes many forms of nonsexual sexism and abuse, not just sexual misconduct.

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Reformers who highlight the importance of gender parity are right: sex segregation and inequality are a major cause of sex harassment.

Research shows that harassment is more prevalent where women work in traditionally male-dominated jobs or settings, for example.

Two-hundred-fifty law professors nationwide, as of Friday morning, signed an open statement condemning sexual harassment, which they sent to Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office on Thursday.

The letter outlines ten principles to further combat sexual harassment, building on the momentum of the #Me Too movement to further advance equality in the United States. We, the undersigned law professors interested in eliminating sexual harassment, seek to offer a new vision and agenda for eliminating sexual harassment and advancing equality.

But more often, men harass other men through acts of gender-based hostility—including hostility toward those who don’t live up to images of “real men” prescribed by mainstream codes of masculinity.

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