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You'll find action in the toilet next to the tennis court and backstage at the mphitheater. The amphitheater is exposed to the elements, but backstage affords some pr... It is a perfect cruise spot but there is never anything going on here. I cruised at Ballston Common Mall in Arlington near the Macy's in the 3rd floor men bathroom and I sucked a Latino man once. Once you reach the Marina, go to the parking on your right. After ,000, a trip to jail for the day, and a one year probation I would advise all of you guys to find a new place. Turn toward the Verizon phone center, go out the door, take quick turn right down hall into the mens room. Then he watched and jacked me while I got fucked slow, bare and deep by another Bl... All the stalls were full today, lots of traffic but no play.

One time I did see a Spanish chico jerking off in the stall, but once he saw me he got scared and lef... Typically they will sit on the benches and if you catch their eye more than once they will rub their crotch. A man who had been arrested here in January, 2012 for being naked and having public sex in a car and who had then resisted and assaulted the arresting officers and tried to run away was found guilty. Apparently Virginia is getting rich on all the men t...

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It's not just the hot young cops that are doing the ... Keep going until you see a big tree on the left with a couple benches to sit on.

Men still cruise there, but most stay in their vehicles. Men's room on the ground floor in the conference center part of the hotel not the one by the front desk. I haven't yet been here but I visited recently towards closing and noticed that there was a puddle of cum on the floor and the classic tissue paper blocking the view from the inside of the stall. I was checking out an older guy throughout the store. It's a great locker room to shower naked and show off and watch.

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Towels start throbbing and then get dropped altogether. I once stopped by the parking lot one evening to use the payphone and I had a gun pulled on me by a gun-happy Arlington County police officer. I was just there today and to my disappointment the bathrooms have been renovated in a way that you can't have sex or a quick JO without getting busted. Guys make eye contact when busier and take private action to stairwells (th... For the most part the guys are young and good-looking.

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