Shalom friends russian dating

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Filling out the Questionnaire – would probably take about 45 Minutes.

These may be the most productive 45 minutes you can have in prepring for Shidduchim – because you will clarify your objectives and know which questions to ask references.

A Copy of Your Answers will be emailed to you to be able to help create or improve your Shidduch resume & To help you know what criteria are important to ask for when searching for a mate and which questions to ask references of potential mates to do your due diligence.

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We hope that this questionnaire will help in some way. Ohr Binyamin Glossary: Mekach Ta’ut – A Marriage Made in Error – Person was not aware of Defect in Other Party only until after Marriage & Marriage was Nullified.

Mamzer – Person Born from a Woman who did not receive a valid Get (Jewish Divorce Document) before getting Married to their father.

One about the type of mate you would want or accept.

When it is a mate question – You should answer the question “What Kind of Mate Would you want or accept to marry?

It is best to consult a Reliable Orthodox Rabbi – to determine your exact status according to Halacha / Jewish Law.

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