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Realistically they're probably just paired together because they're both really popular female characters. It reminds me a little bit of Sweet Fuse, a mystery game where you play as a girl and all the other characters are guys.

And if you want to go by the logic of the promo material you could also argue that Saihara is gay for Momota and Amami, Ouma, and Monosuke are in a 3-way relationship: X.png in the direction you necessarily want. And unless it's changed, the romance CERO tag usually implies between men and women (shounenai and shoujoai games tend to lack the tag). Like Danganronpa you can hang out with them between events, and I didn't think it was weird to only being able to hang out with dudes.

This shoujo-ai manhwa makes you cheer for Jia, while one step after the other she gets confused by Yoona's behavior, and at the same time, makes you wonder who Yoona really is.

Pick it up if you feel like enjoying a less fluffy romance, it won't fail you!

While the talented ones have a lot of privileges, and full benefits of the Gifted and Talented program, such as opportunities to attend art contests, funding, and so on, the mediocre ones aren't.

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