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by  |  24-May-2019 23:56

If you’re at a woman’s house or back at your place after a date and are wondering how to steer the conversation towards sex, you can either be direct about it or lead up to it in a more subtle way.

For example: If you want to be direct, you can say, in a relaxed, confident manner and draw her close to you.

If a woman feels attracted to you before you say that, she will almost always begin flirting with you and showing more interest in you.

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By saying what I’ve mentioned above, you instantly change the dynamic from being you getting to have sex with her, to her getting to have sex with you, which is actually what women want.

Women love a guy who is a challenge to win over because they are bored to death with the endless queue of guys who are willing to have sex and a relationship with her without her having to do anything to impress them other than look good.

Your words can be used as foreplay to switch a woman on and get her in the mood for kissing and sex with you.

In this post, I’m going to share 5 examples of sex conversation starters that you can use at each stage of the dating process.

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