Shutting computer down while updating things to ask a guy when dating

by  |  08-Jul-2019 14:23

Visit Stack Exchange I'm curious if there is any technical or user experience design reason for this phenomenon I'm experiencing: Whenever I select "Update and shut down", the machine will update for a while and then shut down, but when I start it up again, it will still spend time on updating.As far as I know, an "Update and restart" will fully complete the update.

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I think more can be found here: for more detailed process on update i think it will be better to contact the support and mention the specific version of Windows you are using.

From these observations, I suspect windows downloads a part of update while installing or sends some data to MS before it finishes installing. Many of my friends are also frustrated of this behaviour.

I see no technical reason for this behavior, as Windows is perfectly capable of rebooting any number of times during an update (as it indeed did this morning).

As for user experience, consider this: What is the use case for shutting down versus turning on the PC?

The system during update can for example check that package "pack2" needs reboot and be installed only after "pack1" should be installed onto system, because of this it will need a complete system reboot.

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