Siblings are dating

by  |  01-Sep-2019 18:43

The couple kept their relationship off the public radar until 1987 when they were involved in a deadly car crash in Northern Ireland. Broderick married Sarah Jessica Parker and Grey married Clark Gregg in 2001.

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The couple broke up in 2006 and Pratt went on to marry Anna Farris in 2009.

Their characters weren't siblings in the show "Heroes," but rather uncle and niece, which is much creepier.

Despite that and their age difference, the two actors began dating a year into the show.

Maybe they bonded over having hard-to-pronounce last names?

Before they made it big in the movies, Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West starred as a brother and sister in "Once and Again," a 3-season ABC show that ended in 2002.

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