Signing and dating prints

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(d) The date that the signature and seal is affixed as provided herein shall be entered on said plans, prints, specification, reports or other documents immediately adjacent to the signature of the professional engineer. Law Implemented 471.025, 471.033(1)(a), (e), (j) FS.

History–New 1-8-80, Amended 6-23-80, Formerly 21H-23.01, 21H-23.001, Amended 4-1-97, 2-5-04, 8-8-05, 11-16-09, 2-2-12, 11-3-15, 10-26-16. 61G15-23.004 Procedures for Digitally Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents. C., may be signed digitally as provided herein by the professional engineer in responsible charge.

at the bottom of the image on the original paper, in pencil.

A pencil mark cannot be reproduced by computers, making it less vulerable to fraud.

TRIAL PROOF is a working proof pulled before the edition to see what the print looks like at a stage of development, which differs from the edition. If the artist is not printing his own edition, the bon à tirer proof is the final trial proof. This is the trial proof that the artist approves, telling the printer that this is the way he wants the edition to look; it is often accompanied by printing notes, such as paper, ink or inking process and it is the one print used as a reference for the printing of the whole edition. A complimentary copy of the print given to the publisher. AN EDITION is the total number of impressions from a given matrix.

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