Video chat xxx 4cam - Silverlight treeviewitem not updating

by  |  03-Jul-2019 11:49

when I iterate the treeview, first I find A, it matches first path of A. A11, so I send a web service request to get A's children.

Once I get that, Data Context of the Tree View Item of A is updated, but the Tree View Item itself is not. Items, it is empty and iteratation is unable to continue.

My Tree View is bound to an Observable Collection and uses Hierarchical Data Templates. Only when users click a node in tree, a web service call will be sent to get its child items.

But for some reason the same is maligning the arrangement of Tree View items in the tree.

The only difference in your sample and my application is the amount of items in the observable collection.

I've also decided to forgo the 'search for the node' logic, as it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay underperformant to the point of crashing the browser.

(In the set i'm using, there are only 500 Items, max 4 levels deep) The problem was Selected Value Graph did not have the value that was being supplied by my View Model, through the binding, at the time the control is loaded.

It shouldn't be a problem since the solutions are similar as you said.

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